Your senior is full of personality and you want images to reflect every ounce of it.  I love to have fun which helps the seniors relax.  My favorite thing to capture during our fun sessions is their smile.  Not the ‘smile cause someone told them to’ kind but the ‘I can’t contain my real smile and laughter no matter how hard I try’ kinda smile.   The smile that we as parents see, makes our hearts happy.  THAT is what I want to capture!  That and every other expression and mannerism that makes your child unique.

Your child’s last year of high school will be filled with many memories as they get ready to embark on a journey into adult life. Parents and students alike look back on senior photos with fond memories, and it would be awesome if you choose me to capture the photos you will put on display for years to come.  In addition, to beautiful portraits I can also ensure a laid-back environment where taking pics is enjoyable.   Even guys tell me the experience is not torturous… they admit it’s actually kinda fun. 🙂  Now that is quite a compliment!

I specialize in seniors and continue to find new ways to spoil my Sweet Seniors.  And now with new options, such as a style consultation, smartphone apps and custom print products, Sweet Lemonade Photography will give you a unique experience from beginning to end.